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Fisheries Comm approves CDO Comprehensive Fishery Code of 2022

IN its last meeting, the City Council Committee on Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, chaired by Councilor Christian Rustico M. Achas, endorsed for approval the proposed ordinance providing for the sustainable development management, and conservation of the fisheries and aquatic resources of the city’s municipal waters, integrating and harmonizing all ordinances pertinent thereto, and for other purposes.

Also known as the “Cagayan de Oro City Comprehensive Fishery Code of 2022”, the ordinance provides that the City Government shall have jurisdiction over all its municipal waters, coastal and fishery resources and be responsible for the management, conservation, development, protection, utilization, and disposition of all coastal and fishery resources within the municipal waters.

The ordinance aims to achieve food security and economic well-being to the people of the City as the overriding consideration in the utilization, management, development, conservation, and protection of fishery and aquatic resources.

It also seeks to ensure priority access to the fishery and aquatic resources of the City for use and enjoyment of resident fisher folk and their organizations or cooperatives; promote the proper management, conservation, protection, and utilization of fisheries and aquatic resources within fifteen (15) kilometers municipal waters as a crucial component in sustaining the social and economic development of the City; regulate access to the fisheries and aquatic resources of the City to maintain the ecological balance and enhance the quality of the coastal environment; promote and protect the rights of the small fisher folk within the City who are most directly affected by the utilization of fisheries and aquatic resources and enjoy preferential rights in the use of the same; among others.

Furthermore, the implementing arm shall likewise see to it that the fisher folk, through their organization, are tapped to ensure their active participation and involvement as stakeholders and not merely as beneficiaries and that the rights of the marginal fisher folk shall be protected and be given preferential treatment in the utilization, management and development of fishery and aquatic resources.

The ordinance also includes the three (3) additional provisions and amendments stipulated under Sections 31 (Fish Catch Report), 37 (Duration and Validity of Licenses/Permits), and 38 (Renewal of Permit and License), as proposed by Councilor James K. Judith II in the previous meetings.

Under Section 31, fish catch information shall be reported by the assigned Barangay Fisheries Extension Worker (BEW) to the City Agriculture Office-Fisheries Division.

Finally, as stated in Sections 37 and 38, respectively, the license and permit to operate shall be valid for three (3) years. It shall be renewed every three (3) years, and applicants are given sixty (60) days prior to the expiration to renew the same.

The matter was endorsed to the Committee on Laws and Rules, chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas, for appropriate action.


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