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Fish Comm accepts insurance application forms of 288 fisherfolks

THE City Council Committee on Fisheries and Aquatic Resources, chaired by Councilor Christian Rustico M. Achas, has duly accepted the application forms of a total of 288 fisherfolks for the proposed insurance program/scheme for the members of Federation of Associated Fisherfolk Organization in CDO Cadastre Area (FAFOCCA).

According to its President, Mr. Larry Sabella, 288 out of its 510 members have so far submitted their individual life insurance forms.

Councilor Aga Suan, for his part, cordially accepted the forms during the meeting, citing it as “better than nothing”.

“I think we have to take what is given to us and we have to act upon this before we reach the deadline. At least, we have convinced a few fisherfolks to really avail of our insurance policies, and it’s a win for the fisherfolks,” Suan manifested.

The representative from the City Agriculture and Productivity Office (APO) said a formal launching activity for the life insurance coverage will be conducted as soon as the list is finalized this week.

Also present during the meeting was a representative from BFAR-10 who also clarified that the fisherfolks will only be covered for the last remaining three months of the current year and required to renew their policy in January 2024.


“Naa tay gi conduct na fishing permit caravan per barangay, except atong mga gamay lang og population na mananagat kay ato silang giisa. For the boat insurance (which is free), we have already endorsed (a total of) 263 fishing boats na ma insured sa PCIC, naa tay remaining 262 na wala pa na insured because of lack of documentary requirements,” explained the representative as regards the boat insurance.

She further said that during the caravan, separate forms were provided for the life and boat insurance, respectively.

As defined by APO, fisherfolks refer to fishermen, fish vendors, and workers. Once verified, they may apply and avail of the insurance, The Gavel learned.


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