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Establishment of Colegio de Cagayan de Oro proposed

THE proposed Ordinance Establishing the Colegio de Cagayan de Oro is up for review.

Councilors James K. Judith II with Councilors Malvern Esparcia, Aga Eriberto Suan, Yevonna Yacine Emano, Jose Pepe Abbu, Jr. and Christian Rustico M. Achas filed the proposed ordinance, which shall be known as the Charter of Colegio de Cagayan de Oro.

The proposed institution’s initial operations shall be at the premises of the City National High School in Nazareth.

According to the authors, this will answer the educational needs of constituents and complement the city’s yearly scholarship grants.

The proposed college will offer courses like Engineering, Criminology and Education, and eventually include Liberal Arts, Social Sciences, Computer Studies and Commerce.

The governing body and corporate powers of the proposed college shall be vested in and exercised by the Board of Trustees which shall be composed of the city mayor as the chair, city vice mayor, college president, chair of the committee on education, city budget officer, president of the faculty association, president/representative of the business chamber and presidents of the supreme student council/government, alumni association and the president/representative of the City SK federation, The Gavel learned.


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