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Dahino cmte tackles recommendations on establishment of Human Milk Bank at JRBGH

THE City Council committee on women and family relations chaired by Councilor Edna M. Dahino yesterday continued its deliberation on the proposed ordinance establishing a Human Milk Bank at the city-owned JR Borja General Hospital (JRBGH), particularly on the recommendations of the City Legal Office for the creation of additional 10 regular positions and a credentials and evaluations committee.

The committee likewise discussed the manner of remittance of the fees and payments generated from the operation of the Human Milk Bank and Lactation Support Center.

The JRBGH wants the collection to be treated as a Trust Fund for the operation of the Milk Bank. But the representative of the City Accounting Office wants the collection treated as income of the General Fund.

“Ang akong understanding ani nga endeavor, gi fund nato ni sya from the General Fund or other sources. The fees that will arise from this project didto gihapon sa GF (isulod) anyway naa man tay appropriation for the maintenance of the lactation hospital or for this specific section (of the JRBGH). Anyway, naa man syay appropriation gikan sa proposed budget puhon so the income didto gihapon sa atong … sa General Fund. Ihan-ay lang nato daan sa ordinance kay maglibog sad mi asa namo ibutang nga wala mibasis,” she pointed out.

Since these matters were mostly technical in nature, Councilor Dahino referred the proposals back to the TWG for a coordination meeting with the City Accounting Office.

“Mga technical na kaayo na, I think what is important here nga mabuhat lang gyud namo ang among mahimo to fast track the approval of this ordinance para magamit by those who need the milk. We will again have another meeting next week Tuesday because the direction of the proposal should be passed within this month knowing that this month is Breastfeeding Month,” the councilor said.


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