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COWD asked to serve hinterland barangays

Councilor Jose Pepe S. Abbu, Jr. on Monday asked the Cagayan de Oro Water District (COWD) about any plans and programs for the development of the water supply in hinterland barangays. The councilor made the query during the 35th regular session of the 20th City Council presided over by the Presiding Officer Pro-Tempore Councilor Romeo V. Calizo, after hearing the presentation of COWD regarding the status of water supply in the city. Councilor Abbu said that of the total service area of COWD, 20-percent or 16 barangays do not have water supply because they still do not have pipelines in the area, as presented by the COWD.

COWD General Manager Engr. Antonio B. Young said COWD is planning to install pipeline extensions in those areas. A localized development of the water supply is also one of the plans of the COWD as the existing water system could not reach the elevated portions of the city.oduction well that would cater to the supply-demand specifically in Barangay Lumbia.

Engr. Young mentioned that COWD also considers the possibility of tapping private operators for bulk water supply. Discussions with water suppliers for Macapaya and Opol are ongoing, he said. Delivering water supply for Youngsville and Pag-ibig City Homes by the South Balibago will also take place in July, he added.

Councilor Abbu expressed his concern as to the plans of COWD to serve other hinterland barangays that have low to no water supply and that are not served by the water district.

Engr. Young said the construction of water treatment plant is one of the programs of COWD, which would be somewhere in Cabula or in Mambuaya. “We’re looking at the possibility of tapping the river,” he said.

“We are sourcing possible funds so we can have a water treatment plant for the west service area,” said Engr. Young.

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