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Calizo cmte tackles proposal to deputize brgy dads, tanods

THE City Council committee on roads and traffic management chaired by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo yesterday discussed the request of Barangay Canitoan to allow deputized RTA and barangay tanods to implement Ordinance No. 10551-2007, otherwise known as the Traffic Code of the City of Cagayan de Oro.

The main intention of the request is to abate or eliminate the presence of motorcycle units with unauthorized mufflers. Said vehicles have caused nuisance and discomfort to residents especially during night time, Kagawad Callo of Barangay Canitoan explained.

The barangay asked that they be allowed to apprehend violators and impound the subject vehicles as part of the enforcement of the law. Owners of the vehicle may redeem their units only if they install the appropriate muffler, said Callo.

While considering the initiative as helpful, RTA Head P/Col. (Ret) Rizalino Borlagdatan said it has no authority to deputize as provided under Section 71 of the ordinance.

Councilor Teodulfo E. Lao however pointed out the existence of the Barangay Tanod Incentive Ordinance.

Lao said the RTA has the full authority to select and deputize barangay tanods in every barangay as traffic enforcers. He added that the ordinance reviving the administrative fine sharing scheme states that barangay tanods also have a share in administrative fines.

For his part, an official of the Land Transportation Office (LTO) lauded the initiative, however, hinted that this must be carefully studied to avoid possible abuses in the future.

Considering the discussions and suggestions, Calizo tasked the RTA to revisit the ordinance, specifically the provisions which could be the basis for deputizing barangay officials and tanods, as well as providing them the authority to apprehend, impound and take appropriate action against violating motorists.

“Magtinabangay lang ta sa pagresearch, pagdugang kung unsay kulang, pagkuha kung unsay sobra kay naa naman diay existing ordinance,” Calizo cited.


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