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Suan graces opening of learning center

COUNCILOR Lordan Suan recently graced the opening of the DUHAI Learning Center, founded and built by the Dagong United Homeowners Association Inc. with the help of its youth and association members.

The Power learned that DUHAI Learning Center, located at Zone 10, Upper Carmen, will conduct reading, writing, and feeding programs for kinder and elementary pupils every 3rd and 4th Sunday of the month.

One of the founders/members of DUHAI thanked Suan for helping them feed the minds of their children.

“You did not just feed them but you also became one of the people who led them to their dreams,” she said.

The councilor expressed his gratitude to the members of DUHAI because aside from celebrating the opening of the learning center, they also gave the councilor surprise birthday greetings. (EF)

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