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SP to study proposal to name street in honor of Apolinario Nacalaban

THE 18th City Council headed by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy, through the committee on tourism chaired by Councilor Jay R. Pascual, is set to discuss the resolution of the Fourth Grand Nacalaban Clan General Assembly requesting for a local legislation naming a city street in honor of hometown hero Apolinario Nacalaban. This is in recognition of his unselfish and heroic act in the battle of Makahambus Hill on June 4, 1900.

According to the assembly, Apolinario Nacalaban performed exemplary service to others in defense of certain ideals and engaged voluntarily in a heroic act that goes beyond personal responsibility and obedience required similarly by military duty.

Nacalaban performed the heroic act with recognition of risks and was willing to accept anticipated sacrifices during that time.

In the resolution, the assembly cited that Nacalaban showed no adherence nor gave tacit approval to continue the possible onslaught of local Katipuneros by the enemies. He defended the fortress and died as the lone casualty with three wounded comrades against the numerous numbers from the US cavalrymen.

These and other considerations shall be taken up by the committee during its next meeting. (JAO)

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