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Educ cmte tackles DepEd’s toga policy

WEARING of school uniform during graduation ceremonies is encouraged to avoid unnecessary expenses.

This is provided for in the memorandum issued by the Department of Education (DepEd) on the conduct of end of school year rites.

The City Council committee on education chaired by Councilor Suzette Magtajas-Daba discussed the matter in response to the concern raised by the General Parents Teachers Association (GPTA) of West City Central School.

Albina Delgra, representative of the GPTA-West City Central School, said majority of the parents want their children to wear toga, instead of the school uniform, during the graduation ceremony.

It was learned that the school uniform is not compulsory during school days, pursuant to the memorandum issued by the DepEd.

She said that some parents cannot afford to pay for the toga of their children.

The Federated PTA assured that the association will do everything to make the graduation successful. No right of parents shall be affected, she added.

DepEd Policy

According to City School Division Superintendent Jonathan Dela Peña, the memorandum clearly encourages the wearing of school uniform.

Dela Peña said elementary students may wear toga during graduation day. Those who cannot afford the toga and prefer to wear the school uniform will still be allowed to march, he stressed.

Pursuant to the memorandum, wearing of toga is allowed “only upon the instance of the majority of the graduating learners in consultation with the parents called for the purpose”.

However, the non-wearing of toga shall not preclude a student from joining the graduation rites or moving-up ceremony, as cited in the MOA. (JBD

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