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Councilor Suzette attends Organic National Product Expo

COUNCILOR Suzette Magtajas Daba, chair of the City Council committee on education, recently attended several trainings and seminars needing her presence.

Despite the busy holiday rush, Councilor Magtajas-Daba attended the Capability Seminar for the urban poor sector sponsored by the city government and DOLE.

During the seminar, each beneficiary who enrolled in bread and pastry training received an oven and while those who enrolled in cookery received two burners with stove and steamer for free.

Another training attended by Councilor Suzette was DepEd’s 2017 Year-End Performance Assessment; the Barangay Nutrition Scholars Annual Christmas Convention; the meeting of the city’s scholars from Districts 1 and 2 under the City College Scholarship Program; and the Middle East Organic Natural Products Expo held in Dubai which were participated in by delegates from 38 countries, among others.

It can be recalled that the young Councilor’s committee on education has bagged the Seal of Good Governance in Education, thus making Councilor Suzette Magtajas-Daba’s hard work and passion in serving the people beyond measure.(EF)

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