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Eng’g body, DPWH tackle solutions to urban flooding

THE City Council committee on public works chaired by Councilor Zaldy O. Ocon yesterday met with officials of Department of Public Works and Highways-Regional Office No. 10 to hear their presentation and comprehensive report on various projects implemented in the city.

The projects include road construction, flood control projects, dikes and drainage systems.

At the meeting, Councilor Ocon thanked DPWH for implementing various infrastructure projects in the city, even if some of them, according to him, were implemented without prior consultation with the City Council as provided under the Local Government Code.

DPWH consultant Danilo Hake presented to the committee the flood control project masterplan which was completed towards middle of last year on three catchment areas, namely Sapang Creek, Bitan-ag Creek and Carmen, all identified as flood-prone areas.

He also presented a flood analysis particularly in relation to the recent flooding, even as he proposed engineering interventions and non-structural measures that need to be incorporated in implementing the drainage project.

Cagayan de Oro River is not included in the analysis because it was covered by a separate study conducted by JICA, he said.

Going directly to the technical aspect, he elaborated the four main causes of flooding which include inadequate size of drainage and channels,

that are silted and blocked by garbage, tidal influence particularly on low-lying areas and the unregulated runoff coming from the upstream catchment.

To resolve this concern, several engineering interventions had been proposed. These include river/creek widening and desilting, construction of drainage mains/diversions and upstream/downstream flow regulations (detentions/flood gates).

The DPWH consultant pointed out that while this endeavor is not expected to totally eradicate the flood flow, yet a significant reduction of floodwater can be expected if ever the same volume of rainfall will again hit the City.

For these engineering measures to function effectively, there is a need for a non-structural program that is hinged on the policies and enforcement of storm water management. This program has four aspects, namely land use regulations, watershed management, technology adoption and solid waste management.

The City Mayor is asking for the City Council’s participation especially in crafting policies in relation to any of these areas, he said.

Councilor Ocon noted the recommendations and called for another meeting to discuss further the matter. (JAO)

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