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Proposed ordinance to sustain city-wide peace and order up for study

The City Council committee on public order and safety, chaired by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo, is set to discuss the proposed ordinance entitled, “An ordinance maintaining city-wide Peace and Order by enhancing the benefits of the barangay tanods and members of the Kataru-ngang Pambarangay in recognition to their being peacemakers in their respective barangays.”

Authored by City Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez, the proposed ordinance aims to strengthen the peace and order measures in the city while recognizing and empowering the invaluable contributions of Barangay Tanods and members of the Lupong Tagapamayapa.

The proposed ordinance likewise seeks to establish a framework that fosters cooperation and coordination between the City Council and barangays in Cagayan de Oro. It also sets guidelines and standards that will enhance the overall peace and order strategies of the city and ensure harmonious working relationship among local government units.

The proposed ordinance, in addition to providing financial support, emphasizes the importance of capacity-building and training programs for barangay tanods and members of the Lupong Tagapamayapa for being at the forefront of peace and order efforts; thus, it is crucial to equip them with the necessary knowledge, skills and resources to effectively carry out their responsibilities.


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