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Proposed increase in ante-mortem, post mortem fees at City Slaughterhouse under study

THE proposal to revise rates of ante-mortem and post-mortem fees at the city slaughterhouse is now being studied.

The City Council committee on economic enterprises chaired by Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya during its meeting on Wednesday, started discussions on the recommendation of the City Veterinary Office and the Economic Enterprises Department (CEED) to review the city’s existing policy on slaughterhouse fees and charges.

The CEED management explained that the schedule of fees and charges at the slaughterhouse has not been revised for two decades.

Citing the rising inflation and cost in the slaughtering processes, the CEED recommended a new rate for ante-mortem and post-mortem fees.

The proposed ante-mortem fees for large animals is P70 per head, P50 per head for small animals and P.5 per head for poultry.

Meanwhile, the proposed post-mortem fee is P.5 per kilo for meat and poultry and for entrails and internal organs.

Councilor Nacaya said consultations will take place on the proposed increase in slaughterhouse fees.

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