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Traffic cmte, LTO, RTA discuss proposed law requiring motorcycle, bike riders to wear vests

THE City Council committee on roads and traffic management chaired by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo yesterday tackled the proposed ordinance Requiring All Motorcycle, Tricycle, E-Bike and Bicycle Drivers and Riders to Wear High-Visibility Vests While Travelling along National Highway and in all Roads within the city from 6:00 in the evening to 6:00 in the morning and during heavy rains or typhoons.

As proposed by Councilor Roger D. Abaday, the ordinance aims to secure and safeguard all road users particularly the motorcycle, tricycle, e-bike and bicycle drivers and riders traveling at night within the territorial jurisdiction of the city from the ruinous and extremely injurious effects of fatal or life-threatening accidents and crashes.

Among the suggestions raised was to specify the materials and quality standards of the reflectorized vests to prevent any untoward distractions and possible road mishaps.

“Ang atong apprehension ani kung naa na sa dalan basin maka distract sa ubang motorista nga ga-drive labi na sa gabii kay gaamag man ni siya, basin maka create na nuon og possible collision or road crash. Unsa ba gyud ka reflective or unsa kasiga ang vest?,” inquired Engr. Nonito A. Oclarit of the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA).

A representative from the Land Transportation Office (LTO) said a trial should be conducted to test the safety and efficacy of the reflectorized vests.

“Mas maayo nga before nato i-implement kung unsa kadako ug unsa nga design, mag try ta og tan-aw sa gabii ato sa tirahon sa headlight nga dili ba siya maka blur sa atong panan-aw nga kamulo ta ga drive, that’s why maghimo ta’g test para makita nato ayha nato ipagawas ang specific ordinance nga mao na gyud ni ang gamiton. Mas maayo gyud naay test himoon unsa ka effective ang reflectorized vest nga gamiton,” Engr. Chan of LTO explained.

With this, the RTA was tasked to conduct further study on the matter and to tap experts for assistance, if necessary.

Another round of discussion shall be scheduled again as soon as the RTA is ready to present its recommendations.


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