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Subdivision committee acts on concern of Bulua fisherfolk

The City Council committee on subdivision and landed estate chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas yesterday acted on the concern of the Bulua Samahang Nayon Fish Farmers Association, Inc. (BSNFFAI or Samahan), regarding the parcel of land classified as timberland located in Barangay Bayabas.

During the meeting, Atty. John Vicker B. Omaña, legal counsel of BSNFFAI, informed the committee that the identified lot had been utilized as fish farms by the local fish farmers since 1931. The descendants, now the present members of association, carried on the livelihood of raising their livestock up to the present.

He said in 2004, a Special Land Use Permit was granted to the fish farmers to occupy the said public land for a specific use.

However, certain private persons were able to have it titled in their names, which, he said, is contrary to law.

One of the members of the association is worried about the ongoing construction in the area because water from the source will flow down to Zone 8 where he claimed it could put them at risk if there is severe downpour.

Councilor Cabanlas said the City Council has no judicial power or authority to order them to stop the construction but only to request the land owner to cease operations.

With this, the committee adopted separate resolutions requesting Everbest Logistics Services to put on hold its ongoing construction as the reversion and cancellation of title case by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR-10) is in progress.

The committee likewise issued a resolution requesting Judge Ana Candida N. Casiño of Branch 17 to hold in abeyance the execution of the writ of demolition.

The committee resolutions were endorsed to the committee on laws and rules chaired by Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya for appropriate action.

Councilor Maria Lourdes S. Gaane was also present during the meeting.


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