Remain strong and steadfast - Nacaya

THROUGH challenges, economically, physically, psychologically in the past two years under Covid-19 protocols, we pray that spiritually we are strong and steadfast in our resolve that God has purified us and prepared us for the next new beautiful things in life.

This is the message of Majority Floor Leader Councilor Ian Mark Nacaya to Kagay-anons in the spirit of Christmas and as the new year approaches.

The councilor said the experiences and lessons gained in the past year have made everyone stronger and wiser, and have strengthened ties and collaborative efforts between the city and all sectors.

Councilor Nacaya is expressing gratitude to all government agencies and entities for everything that has been accomplished for the people in Cagayan de Oro in 2021.

He expresses optimism that together and with God’s help, greater things are in store for the city.