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Nacaya pushes for opening of more growth areas in Oro

“As much as we want to go forward, but because of the economic turmoil caused by the pandemic, we’re going backward. What we can do is anticipate the economic displacement of our people. We need to create growth areas so that we can spur the economy in small little ways and manners.”

This was pointed out by Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya during the regular session Monday in response to the special report of Councilor Lordan Suan on the grant of assistance to city residents.

“Everybody has been suffering because of the pandemic. Most especially there are residents of the city who have been retrenched from work and displaced because of the regulations imposed by the government,” he cited.

The councilor said he has initiated discussions with the City Economic Enterprise Department (CEED), City Planning and Development Office (CPDO) and City Tourism Office for the conceptualization of projects that will spur the economy in local communities.

“There is now an ongoing discussion in my committee as to how we can ... help our people,” he further explained.

Nacaya chairs the committees on economic enterprises, on planning and development, and on laws and rules.


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