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Judith pushes for declaratory relief,“gravitas” to Abbu’s resolution

Judith pushes for declaratory relief,“gravitas” to Abbu’s resolution

“Uyon ko sa sugyot ni Councilor Nacaya ug sa kinatibuk-an na katuyuan ni Councilor Abbu apan sa pag-uyon nato pagdason sa resolusyon ang problema kanus-a ba kaha matubag?

This was the point raised by Councilor James K. Judith II in reaction to the special report of Councilor Jose Pepe S. Abbu, Jr. during the regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez relative to his proposed resolution urging Congress, through district representatives, to pass a law amending Section 9, Paragraph C of PD 968, otherwise known as the Probation Law so as to increase the amount of fine which makes an offender disqualified to avail the privilege probation from more than P1,000 to more than P5,000.

While expressing his concordance to the proposed resolution, Judith said a “declaratory relief” must also be filed “gravitas” (to add weight) to it.

“Pwede man ta magpagula og resolusyon taliwala sa giingon ni Councilor Nacaya, para madugang ang gibug-aton sa sugyot ni Councilor Abbu, naa pud unta tay declaratory relief na i-file kay di man gud ta pwede na ato nang giunahan ang problema na wala pa gyud tay giingon nga “test case” nga maoy hinungdan nga gigamit didto ang problema na gibungat ni Councilor Abbu,” the councilor further manifested.

“Declaratory relief” is defined as an action by any person interested in a deed, will, contract or other written instrument, executive order or resolution, to determine any question of construction or validity arising from the instrument, executive order or regulation, or statute, and for a declaration of his rights and duties thereunder. The only issue that may be raised in such a petition is the question of construction or validity of the provisions in an instrument or statute, The Gavel learned.

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