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Goking backs full devolution policy of President Duterte

COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committees on ways & means and on trade & commerce, said he is in favor of Executive Order No. 138 of President

Rodrigo Duterte for the full devolution of certain functions of the executive branch to local governments, and the creation of a committee on devolution.

Councilor Goking said Section 6, Article 10 of the Philippine Constitution provides that local government units (LGUs) shall have a just share as determined by law, in the national taxes which shall be automatically released to them.

In a press release, the Department of the Interior and Local Government (DILG) announced that the full devolution will finally happen with the issuance of EO 138.

In the Mandanas, et al. v. Executive Secretary, et al. (G.R. Nos. 199802 and 208488), the Supreme Court held that all collections of national taxes except those accruing to special-purpose funds and special allotments for the utilization of the base of just share to LGUs, Goking cited based on the DILG pronouncement.

Councilor Goking said he understands that the system can be a big help to LGUs wherein the shares in national taxes shall increase and be directly given to LGUs to support the fast implementation of programs for the benefit of the people in their respective communities.


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