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Gaane calls for enforcement of Responsible Pet Ownership Ordinance

“NAA man tay ordinance na Responsible Pet Ownership. Dapat i-enforce na ug akong gusto na ma-refer pud na sa atong Committee on Agriculture para sa atong City Vet ma-enforce gyud (na nga balaod).”

Thus, Councilor Maria Lourdes S. Gaane stated during the regular session Monday in response to Councilor Malvern Esparcia's special report on his recommendation for deploying workers to assist patients bitten by dogs and other animals.

Gaane further said that as per World Health Organization's (WHO) prescription, vaccines should be given to patients with punctured wounds immediately, rather than waiting for the 14-day incubation time.


Committee Meeting on  Health, Nutrition and Health Insurance

“(Pero) mao gyud ni sya karon (ang problema), kung makita ninyo sa City Health grabe kadaghan ang tawo considering na libre atong vaccines, we are using the intradermal root of administration, which is 1 vial sa usa ka pasyente ug maka cater ta mga 1 to 5 patients. Whereas in private hospitals they use the Intramuscular root of administration which costs P1 thousand more or less, so medyo mahal gyud. Kung makita ninyo ang atong Animal Bites and Treatment Center (ABTC) area grabe gyud kadaghan tawo niabot na sa gawas ang gahulat. I think dili siguro priority (ang nahisgutang pasyente sa report) kay nag cut off na, and we do not inject sa hapon na,” the councilor further said.

Councilor Maria Lourdes S. Gaane as Chairman of the Committee on Health, Nutrition and Health Insurance

This was also confirmed by Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez, citing that the anti-rabies vaccine is usually administered in the morning to give enough time in monitoring its side effects.


“Actually, why it is injected in the morning, (it’s) because of the side effect of the medicine. Kay kung hapon na, dili na ma-monitor kung naa unya side effect which is very dangerous. Mao nang morning gyud, so kung moadto ka’g hapon di na gyud ka ma injectionan for sure. Mao nang ipabalik ka na kay kung sabado wala may office, ipabalik ka na pagka Monday. Nahitabo ni Friday sa hapon, wala may office Sabado, so gipabalik sa Monday,” VM Bebot explained.


With this, Councilor Gaane assured that the matter will be thoroughly discussed in her committee the soonest possible time.


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