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Esparcia seeks solution to solid wastes from material recovery facility

During the 77th regular session of the 20th City Council, Climate Change and Mitigation Chair Councilor Malvern Esparcia delivered a special report on the problem of the volume of compost waste, bottles, and plastics accumulating at the Material Recovery Facility (MRF) of Barangay Pagatpat. He also called for ways to provide sustainable approach in managing the city’s waste stream.

CdeO City Councilor Malvern "Bernie Bitok Bitok" A. Esparcia

While Esparcia congratulated the barangay for its efforts in adopting the no segregation, no collection policy that eventually became an income-generating initiative, he did not dismiss the woes of disposing a mountain of solid wastes which are not sold, adding that it might become a precedent for all other barangays doing the same mechanism.

“Ang ilang MRF napuno na sa fertilizer, botelya, plastic, ug mga karaang ligid ug wala’y mupalit. Kani, usa lang gani ka barangay. What if matag barangay sa tibook Cagayan de Oro mangusog nga nay MRF? Ato na mangihungosgan ang ‘no segregation, no collection policy’. Napadulong naman sa MRF. Then, unsa dayun next?,” the councilor lamented. 


For his part, Councilor Roger G. Abaday pointed out that the recovered materials are not the problem but the marketing of them. Coordinating with farm owners to buy the compost materials and collaborating with agencies to repurpose bottles and plastic may be the solution, he added.

Councilor James Judith II also gave a rejoinder, suggesting a resolution that will urge the government to help in the promotion of eco-waste products and a separate legislation to incentivize buyers.

After thorough deliberation, the legislative body referred the matter to the tripartite Committees on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction, Environment, and Agriculturerespectively chaired by Councilors Esparcia, Abaday, and Jay R. Pascual for further discussion.

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