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Hon. Malvern A. Esparcia

"Bernie Bitok-Bitok"

Mutingog, Mulaban, Mubarog!

Date of Birth:

August 1, 1982

Place of Birth:

Mangagoy, Bislig City, Surigao del Sur


Roselyn V. Esparcia


Rusty John, Rayver John, Raphaela Julia &

Sallianne Nicole


BS Information Technology,

University of Science and Technology of Southern Philippines & 3-Year Technology Major in Computer Streams BS Computer Engineering (Undergraduate).


Tourism, Livelihood & Employment



The entertainment industry is often stereotyped to only good-looking, fair-skinned, and petite individuals. But, there are few people who has proven that talent and charisma will also cement your spot in the entertainment industry -  one of them is a household name in Northern Mindanao popularly known as "Bernie Bitok-Bitok".

Started as a back-up dancer in the ABS-CBN produced local variety show "Tsada", Bernie transitioned to becoming one of the most popular Radio Disc Jockey (DJ) in the region. His shows with MOR 91.9, the Radio Arm of ABS-CBN in Northern Mindanao, such as "Gugmang Giahak Live Comedy Drama", "Awards Night", and "Tita B" show among others have consistently dominated the rating game. The comedic relief brought by his shows have been the unbeatable standard of Radio Stations in Northern Mindanao because of its "mass" appeal.

The success of these shows eventually  positioned Bernie to lead MOR as its Radio Head from 2006 up to 2020. As a leader, he was instrumental in honing up and coming DJ's each with target market depending on their skill set and personality. Even with the rise of News FM's in the region, Bernie has proven that people would still choose a "good laugh" while listening to their radios.

The local TV also played a huge role in Bernie's popularity as he was a long-time host of the local morning show "Pamahaw Espesyal". Hiscomedic presence has been a formidable flavor of the show balancing its news and information segment. He also hosted "TKO" alongside local news personalities which win a Golden Dove Award.

As a host, Bernie has also been sought to be an in-demand events host with two (2) Event Host of the Year Award in his accolades from the association of professional organizers in the event industry in the region.

 Even after his two-decade long stint with ABS-CBN, he remained relevant in the local entertainment industry when he helmed the radio and online show " Gahi Ni Bai" with award-winning journalist, Art Bonjoc. With the country still battling with pandemic during that time, the virtual show paved the way for the local industry to explore other mediums in producing relevant contents.

However, Bernie was not new in spearheading online contents since before vlogging is a thing, he was able to produce "comedy shorts" amassing views in social media platforms because of his signature comedy. Now with the rise of "vloggers", he still continue to produce contents reflecting his ordinary life as a father, trekker, traveler and a public servant.

All of these opened the doors to Bernie as several national regional brands tapped him as an ambassador banking on his comedic personality for their products. Truly, this is a feat seldom achieved by a local celebrity.

His popularity eventually led to his election and is now serving a member of the Cagayan de Oro's 20th City Council. Whilst serving his constituents, it seems Bernie never left the industry he used and will always love.

Indeed, we see a lot of personalities come and go in the entertainment industry. Some perished in the limelight for not adopting to the continuous transition of entertainment with the rise of new mediums because of technology. But, Malvern "Bernie Bitok-Bitok" Esparcia has proven the he is here to stay and will continue to shape the local entertainment industry.

Currently he is  the Chairman of the Committee on Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation And Disaster Risk Reduction and Vice Chairman of the Committee on Arbitration. He is a member of the Committees on Cooperatives, on Environment, on Games & Amusement, on Planning, Research & Innovation and People’s Organization Accreditation, on Public Order and Safety, on Public Utilities (Energy and Roads & Traffic Management), on Public Works and on Trade & Commerce.


Cagayan de Oro Host Lions Club

District 301 - E




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