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Climate Change Adaptation & Mitigation And Disaster Risk Reduction

The Committee on Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation and Disaster Risk Reduction have general jurisdiction over all matters pertaining to:

  • Mainstreaming of climate change, in synergy with disaster risk reduction, into the sectoral and local development plans and programs;

  • Formulation of a Framework Strategy on Climate Change to serve as the basis for a program for climate change planning, research and development, extension, and monitoring of activities on climate change;

  • Recommending legislation, policies, strategies, programs on and appropriations for climate change adaptation and mitigation and other related activities;

  • Creation of an enabling environment that shall promote broader multi-stakeholder participation and integrate climate change mitigation and adaptation;

  • Facilitation of capacity building for local adaptation planning,

  • Implementation and monitoring of climate change initiatives in vulnerable communities and areas;

  • Overseeing the dissemination of information on climate change, local vulnerabilities and risks, relevant laws and protocols and adaptation and mitigation measures;

  • Coordination with local government units (LGUs) and private entities to address vulnerability to climate change impacts;

  • Creation of policy options and strategies on multi-hazard disaster risk reduction and mitigation;

  • Addressing of issues on cooperation mechanisms for disaster risk management;

  • Addressing of issues on multi-hazard assessment, preparedness, early warning and response to disaster risks.

Committee Members

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