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Local Legislative Awards 2023

Cagayan de Oro City Council 

1. Responsiveness of the Legislative Agenda 

  • Executive - Legislative Agenda 

  • Consultation with the Stakeholders in the Development of the ELA

  • Legislative Agenda provides legislative action on the Comprehensive Development Plan

  • The Legislative Agenda promotes and supports provincial, regional and national priority development thrusts.

2. Availability of the Legislative Documents

  • Ordinances and Resolutions from July 1, 2019 to June 30, 2022

  • Hard or electronic copies of ordinances and resolutions can be retrieved with reasonable amount of time

  • Journal of the Sanggunian Proceedings from July 1, 2019 - June 30, 2022

  • Minutes of the Regular Sessions 

  • Committee Reports duly signed by the majority of all members

  • Mechanisms for communicating local legislations 

3. Effectiveness of Performance of the Sanggunian

  • Ordinance and resolutions enacted aligned with the three pillars of the Philippine Development Plan 2017 - 2022.

  • Regular Sessions conducted with the required quorum

4. Efficiency of Performance of Sanggunian

A. Processes and Procedures 

  • Internal Rules and Procedure

  • Notice of Special Sessions 

  • Submission of ordinances to the higher Sanggunian 

  • Posting and publication of Ordinances with Penal Clauses

  • Publication of Tax Ordinances 

  • Actions Taken by the Sanggunian for ordinances under review.

  • Notices of committee hearings

  • Institutionalized feedback mechanism

  • People's participation - consultation with stakeholders in the formulation of ordinances and resolutions

B. Quality of Office Set-up and staff Complement

  • Session hall has appropriate fixture and equipment

  • Legislative offices for individual members have appropriate fixtures and equipment

  • City Councilor Staff and Offices

  • Office of the Sanggunian Secretary

5. Legislative Citations and Awards

  • Local Awards 

  • International recognitions are accorded to the Sanggunian

  • Local Awards given to the LGU by reasons of the Sanggunian Ordinance  or Resolution

  • International recognitions given to LGU by reasons of the Sanggunian Ordiiance or Resolution

6. Capacity Development for Legislators and Staff

  • LGU initiated capacity building activities for Sanggunian members and staff

  • Participation of Sanggunian membes and staff in the capacity building activities conducted by other government and non-government organizations. 

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