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Calizo recommends temporary suspension of CTC for no right turn on red light policy

THE temporary suspension of the issuance of a Traffic Citation Ticket (TCT) for the enforcement of the “no-right-turn on red light” policy was recommended by Councilor Romeo Calizo during the meeting yesterday of the City Council committee on roads and traffic management.

The councilor also recommended that this policy undergo further review by the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA).

The committee convened to discuss the special report of Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya Monday regarding the implementation of the no right turn on red light rule.

As an offshoot of this, the RTA was tasked to conduct an essential test on whether or not such policy has compounded traffic congestion in road intersections.

It was also proposed that a matrix or table of comparison shall also be presented specifically the data on existing traffic signs, supporting relevant Executive Order and/or City Council Ordinance, if any.

To be able to conduct an intensive review of this policy and other related traffic concerns, the committee advised the RTA to engage the expertise of Engr. Avalyn Cahulogan, chair of the city’s Traffic Management Board (TMB).

“Ato ning tabangan ug dili ta angay magpa stress kay para man ni sa ato, under any circumstance sa meetings, maminaw ta sa yangungo sa katawhan kay sila man ang apektado ug kita naa man diri sa national government, we need to take appropriate actions on the issues they raised,” Calizo stressed.

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