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Calizo: Bao-bao is allowed only in the outermost lane of highways

“KANANG ingon ni Councilor Judith na pwede magbaras-baras (ang mga bao-bao), well, contrary to that ang ingon sa LTO sa pagkakaron dili gyud sila pwede sa national highway. But they can be allowed to travel along the secondary highways, provided, that they travel in the outermost lane of the same road.” 

This was emphasized by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo, Chair of the Committee on Public Utilities, during Monday’s regular session in response to the special report of Councilor James K. Judith II relative to his proposed amendment of the Traffic Code of Cagayan de Oro City for the purpose of allowing the operation of the three-wheeled vehicles or bao-bao (tricab).

 Hon. Romeo V. Calizo emphasizing operation of bao-bao

While expressing in contrast, Calizo, however, appreciates Judith’s suggestion, citing that tricabs may be considered a temporary mode of transportation in the meantime while the Local Public Transport Route Plan (LPTRP) of the city is not yet completed.

He said that in the plan, a total of 78 routes were proposed, but only 55 routes are operating presently; however, none of these routes have a complete line of public utility vehicles that will address the needs of the commuting public.

“Ang bao-bao, maayo unta gyud ni siya nga pang suporta but in our series of meetings with our resource persons from the LTFRB, LTO, DILG and other government agencies, LTO, for example, has reminded us of two things. First, at any time, pwede ra ni sya gamiton as a private vehicle, it cannot be used na pampasahero. Second, at no instance it can be allowed to travel along the national road.” 

bao-bao reprimanded by traffic enforcers

While stressing this, Calizo further explained that tricabs are allowed in secondary highways, but these vehicles are still at risk and in an “unsafe zone” considering the roads are still underdeveloped. 

“Ang problema man gud karon sa atong syudad kung tan-awon nato atong mga secondary highways, unsafe gihapon para sa atong mga bao-bao kung didto sila sa mga outermost lane. Kay let’s say for example the secondary highway or road linking Bulua to San Simon or to Pagatpat, unsaon nimo pagbutang og lane na daut pa man ang atong dalan? Even the Masterson Avenue which is a national road going to Talakag, we can hardly create a lane for the bao-bao,” the councilor further cited.

Calizo added that it would be difficult to pass an ordinance authorizing tricabs for public transportation and to travel along national highways, given the limitations imposed by the LTO.

With this, the councilor cordially invites Councilor Judith to attend the upcoming committee meetings so that he can hear personally how the LTO articulates itself, especially concerning its position on allowing tricabs to operate as public transportation under certain rules and regulations.


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