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Approval of bingo arcade must work for city’s benefit – Calizo

On February 20, 2023 regular session of the 20th City Council, Councilor Romeo V. Calizo urged his colleagues to observe both local and national laws in deciding for the approval of the application of Adelante Gaming Enterprise Corporation to operate a PAGCOR Licensed Electronic Bingo (E-Bingo) and Electronic Games (E-Games) at the Grand Central Arcade, Hayes Street, Barangay 4.

As a member of the committee on games and amusement, Calizo seconded its approval after verifying that the location of the Arcade is beyond the prohibited distance set by law from schools and religious establishments.

“When we tried to look into the (distance measurement) and the exemptions (as) an arcade, … let us be consistent with our laws. Siguro we have … to make the ordinance consistent with the national law and .. let our law enforcement agenc(ies) see to it that indeed as an arcade it does not disrupt the orderliness of the city in that particular area,” Calizo further pointed out.


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