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Achas backs rice, corn mill in Balubal

“As Councilor in the east nagkinahanglan gyud (kita) og cornmill.”

This was manifested by Councilor Christian Rustico M. Achas on Wednesday, as he expressed his support to allow the proposed development project of a one-storey rice and corn mill building to be developed by a private owner in Barangay Balubal.

According to the City Planning and Development Office, the location of the

proposed project is situated within the Medium Density Residential Zone (MDRZ) as reflected in the city’s official Zoning Map under Ordinance No. 13032-2016.

The establishment of a rice and corn mill in the MDRZ is not included in the list of allowable use within MDR zone, the planning department said.

To ensure that the project is in compliance with the zoning law, the CPDO advised the applicant to relocate or transfer the proposed project to an appropriate zone or to a Medium Industrial Zone.

During the meeting of the City Council committee on subdivision and landed estate presided over by committee chair Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas, Councilor Achas said it has been observed that the proposal is not common to the barangay.

“I think we should put into consideration this establishment because it provides benefits to the barangay as well as farmers kay kung ang atong corn mill away from farmers mas dako og cost ang travel pag magbaligya sila,” he stressed.

Councilor Achas suggested allowing them to build for at least some time. He said when the time comes that there are people living in the surrounding area, the permit will be evaluated if the project would cause public nuisance.

As this developed, Councilor Cabanlas deferred the matter as he vowed to talk with the CPDO. The committee will tackle the matter again during its next meeting.

Councilors Jose Pepe S. Abbu, Jr. and Roger G. Abaday were also present during the meeting.

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