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Moreno raises concerns over deed of absolute sale for new city hall complex

DURING its regular session on Monday, Councilor Imee Rose Moreno voiced concerns regarding an ordinance authorizing City Mayor Rolando A. Uy to enter into a Deed of Absolute Sale with Susan Cid Española and Christine Cid Tan.

CdeO City Councilor Imee Rose P. Moreno

The sale would cover a portion of property under Lot No. 3891-O-1-B, earmarked as the proposed site for the new City Hall Complex and Cagayan de Oro Government Center and Eco-Tourism Site.

Moreno’s objections primarily stemmed from the lack of documentation provided for the council to review. She raised concerns about whether the loan had been approved by the Landbank of the Philippines. If so, the council should be informed of the terms and conditions of the loan, emphasizing their right to scrutinize such details, she argued.

Additionally, she requested the letter of advice from the LandBank and the appraisal she had been seeking from the Local Finance Committee.

Despite objections, the ordinance was ultimately approved by a majority of the present members, with 12 votes in favor and 4 against.


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