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Security contingency plan should be made ASAP -Calizo

The City Council committee on public order and safety, chaired by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo, met last week and tackled Board Resolution No. 002-2022 of Federation of Uptown Village Homeowners Association, Inc. (FUVHOAI) concerning such issues as peace and order and police visibility in the area.

During the meeting, FUVHOA representatives said there was no problem with the peace and order situation inside the subdivision.

However, they were more concerned with the situation outside its premises, particularly the commercial area where most disarray, commotion and other forms of disorder usually take place involving some lawless elements.

In line with this, a suggestion to tap the services of security agencies of various commercial centers in the area and share the responsibility with the police authorities was raised by the association.

The security agency should come up with a common system of securing the area wherein they can easily connect with the police, they further said.

As this developed, Calizo ordered the parties to come up with a contingency plan for the purpose of effecting a good security system in the said vicinity.


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