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Pascual inspects Sonrisa Resort

THE City Council committee on tourism chaired by Councilor Jay R. Pascual on July 5, 2018 conducted an ocular inspection at the Sonrisa Vista Resort in Barangay Bayabas.

This is in relation to the request of the owner for a resolution interposing no objection to the future development of the area and the continued use of the foreshore lot, where the resort is located.

According to the owner, the lot has been declared as a foreshore area and any dumping or reclamation in the area has been declared as illegal by the Department of Environment and Natural Resources (DENR) and the Philippine Reclamation Authority (PRA). However, prior to the investigation/inspection done by these agencies, an application for no objection was already filed, he explained.

One of the requirements to support the application is a certification and/or resolution from the City Council, certifying it is not objecting to the development of the foreshore area, he further cited.

Considering the status of the subject property, a representative of the City Legal Office advised the owner to first secure clearance from the DENR and the PRA, before the City Council grants a corresponding resolution for the project.

The resort owner was also required to secure an Environment Clearance Certificate (ECC) and other pertinent documents.

These recommendations were jointly and severally agreed by representatives of the Department of Tourism-10 (DOT-10), City Administrator’s Office, City Planning and Development Office and the City Tourism and Cultural Affairs Office, who were all present during the ocular inspection.

The matter was referred to City Legal Office for further study. (JAO)

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