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Suan airs request of market vendors for tax amnesty

COUNCILOR Lordan Suan on Monday aired the request of some vendors at Cogon Public Market for amnesty on the payment of delinquencies and penalties on their “sukay” and business permits.

In his special report, the councilor presented the letter of some market vendors who cited that the pandemic has greatly affected their livelihood.

The vendors said their daily income is just enough or sometimes even not enough for their subsistence. They are requesting that the penalties be either lowered or scrapped to enable them to cope with the present crisis.

Councilor Suan said in the midst of the pandemic, the City Council should revisit policies and ordinances regarding public market vendors.

“In these trying times, I think that we should be compassionate to them, and we should listen to them, di nato sila pasagdan,” he cited.

The councilor recommended that the city comes up with better ideas to balance both sides … the city and the market vendors.

The request was referred to the City Council committee on ways and means chaired by Councilor George S. Goking for proper action.


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