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SP okays alteration of plan of Consolacion Village subd project

The 20th City Council, during its regular session on Monday, presided over by City Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez, enacted an ordinance approving the alteration of plan of a portion of Consolacion Village subdivision project, as applied for by the CD Corporation, developer of the subdivision.

Members of the Cagayan de Oro's 20th City Council

With the approval, the developer may now apply for consolidation of the 40 lots with a total area of 25,631 square meters into two lots for commercial project purposes.

The affected lots include Block 4 (Lots 30-39), Block 5 (Lots 25-27), Block 6 (Lots 1-20), Block 11, old open space Block 8, road lot nos. 5 and 7, and new open space Block 4 (Lots 1, 3 ,5 & 7).

The approval of the alteration of plan is subject to the conditions imposed by the City Housing and Urban Development Department and the City Engineer’s Office.

The Committees on Subdivision and Landed Estate and Laws and Rules both chaired by Councilor Edgar S. Cabanlas sponsored the ordinance.


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