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Nacaya cmte tackles proposed restructuring of CHUDD

THE City Council committee on planning and development chaired by Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya yesterday discussed the proposed re-engineering/restructuring of the Urban Development Planning Division under City Housing and Urban Development Department (CHUDD) to rationalize the role of the department as regards the city’s contribution to the metropolization of Cagayan de Oro City.

As explained by Engr. Stan Pimentel of CHUDD, the purpose of the undertaking is to strengthen the significant role and key functions of CHUDD in the city’s urban development.

He said even in the crafting of the ordinance on the creation of the office, urban development was just cited as part of the whole definition but was not really given full context.

In the proposal, the challenge faced by the housing/urban development is on how to equalize access to livelihood opportunities and enable informal settlers to transform into the metropolis.

In line with the said vision, the new urban development/agenda, the city must also aim to have a better, greener, smarter urban system that is globally competitive, economically vibrant, and livable. A smarter urban system that is connected physically, spatially, and digitally, environmentally sustainable, climate-resilient, and safe, he further manifested.

“The goal is to have a purposive synergy, a pro-active complimentary partnership with the existing development programs. We, at CHUDD, are saying we cannot do this by ourselves as there are already existing initiatives going on, some maybe are already advanced wherein kami (CHUDD), six years pa man,” Pimentel explained.

These and other related contexts will be put into a framework wherein CHUDD can already define the urban development it can position for the city in the coming years, he further pointed out.

The matter will be further studied and discussed by the committee.


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