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Games cmte studies draft peryahan ordinance

THE Committee and Games and Amusement, chaired by Council Roger Abaday, is now reviewing the proposed ordinance establishing rules and guidelines in securing permit to operate peryahan, carnivals, and similar events.

CdeO City Councilor Roger G. Abaday

The said ordinance was endorsed by the Regulatory Compliance Board (RCB), chaired by Atty. Jose Edgardo Y. Uy, in an effort to implement legal and regulatory measures covering amusement places, so as to maintain peace and order, promote public health standards, and prevent and address violations in perya operations

In the discussion, production managers and carnival financers aired their concerns regarding certain restrictions, allowing them to operate only until 12:00 midnight during duly declared fiesta or Barangay Day celebrations.

“Mag-suggest lang unta mi nga maapil unta ang sitio nga fiesta kay gansi jud mi. Ang barangay nga fiesta, kas-a ra sa isa ka tuig, dayun among mga gamit mag-pondo ra. Unta ma-extend pud mi taman alas 3 sa kadlawon,” a financer said.

Chairman Uy, however, pointed out that the request to extend operation hours might be a problem due to the observed loose compliance during inspection. The monitoring team will also have to stay late at night to check whether the guidelines are religiously complied, he lamented.

He advised the operators to put up barricades that will separate activities for children and games for adults, so that the proliferation of gambling may be averted.

In response, Councilor Abaday stated, “Ato na i-consider inyong suggestions sa pag-operate sa zonal o’ purok fiestas og Christmas, pag-extend until 3:00 am sa inyong operasyon. I-usa lang na inyong comments kay i-reindorse ni nato sa city legal. Pero again, ato pa nang balansehon.”

The legislation was referred to the City Legal Office for further deliberation and review.


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