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VM Rodriguez backs amending Rio Verde water supply resolution

Amidst concerns regarding water supply and its sustainability, Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez, presiding over the 76th Regular Session, expressed support for the amendment of the resolution that indorses Rio Verde Water Consortium’s application to supply water in the City.

CdeO City Vice Mayor Jocelyn "Bebot" B. Rodriguez

Vice Mayor Rodriguez clarified that while the City Council can recommend rates, the authority to set them lies with the National Water Resources Board. Thus, removing the condition capping its water tariff from the original resolution is imperative.

Vice Mayor Rodriguez's vocal backing of this initiative, coupled with her emphasis on a vigilant approach and learning from past mistakes, underscores her dedication to tackling the city's water issues while safeguarding residents' interests.

With Vice Mayor Rodriguez leading the council, the amended resolution aims to strike a delicate balance between addressing immediate water needs and laying a robust foundation for long-term resilience.


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