Rodriguez to women sector: Stand up, rise up!

COUNCILOR Jocelyn “Bebot” Rodriguez recently graced the program hosted by Xavier University-American Corner, Cagayan de Oro, and the Sangguniang Paglungsod Iligan City via zoom in relation to the celebration of International Women’s Day with the theme “Women in Nation Building Back Better for an Equal Future in a COVID-19 World in Northern Mindanao”.

Giving the opening address, Councilor Rodriguez said the first celebration was in the United States of America, a nation which is the beacon of hope, freedom and liberty for all humanity.

“It was where the first voices of American women in solidarity with one another were heard in 1848 fighting against racial discrimination, and then in 1908 in New York where women were united and fought against poor working conditions in their own city. In our country, women fought against the colonial system that will not allow them not to receive a good education,” she cited.

Rodriguez called on the women of Northern Mindanao to stand up and to rise up for equal opportunity for all, for better governance and for democratic spaces for all women to be part of public decision-making especially in matters that will affect the quality of life of the people and in rebuilding better communities from the pandemic.

Councilor Rodriguez congratulated the US Embassy Manila, the American Spaces, and American Corner and Xavier University for hosting the special event for all women, mothers, wives, sisters and daughters.

“Mabuhi ang mga kababayen-an,”she concluded. (SP/APDelgra)