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Rodriguez calls for deferment of cemetery redev’t project

COUNCILOR Jocelyn B. Rodriguez on Monday pushed for the deferment of the redevelopment project of Bolonsori Cemetery into a City Memorial Park which is slated to start within the month.

In her special report during the regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy, Rodriguez said the project is contrary to the provisions cited in Local Budget Circular No. 123 dated Feb. 17, 2020 entitled: Guidelines on the Release and Utilization of the Local Government Support Fund Assistance to Cities under FY 2020 General Appropriations Act (Republic Act No. 11465).

According to the councilor, the law did not mention the redevelopment of cemeteries as it was intended specifically for the enhancement and/or development of the existing open spaces in publicly-owned lands that are free and accessible to the general public and serve the purpose of making cities sustainable, livable and resilient.

Rodriguez also aired the reaction of constituents over the announcement for the exhumation of the remains of their loved ones at Bolonsori Cemetery to give way for the project.

The councilor cited the inconvenience and financial hardships of the people to transfer the remains of their departed loved ones considering the limited time for them to do so since “All Souls’ Day” is only few weeks from now.

Rodriguez said affected families will have to spend at least P2,000 to work on the needed documents for the transfer of their deceased loved ones, which will be an added burden to them at this time.

“Sa pagkakaron wala man kitay dakong problema sa atong menteryo. Malinawon man ang atong mga paryente nga nilubong dihang dapita. Kung ikaw lumad nga nagmahal sa atong dakbayan ayaw intawon istorboha ang wala naghilabot natong mga paryente diha sa menteryo,” Rodriguez pointed out.

The matter was referred to the committees on environment and on finance, budget and appropriations respectively chaired by Councilors Enrico D. Salcedo and Edna M. Dahino for appropriate action.

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