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Proposed mental health law under study

THE proposed community-based mental health program and delivery system ordinance is under study.

It may be recalled that during the joint meeting of the City Council committees on health and health insurance and on social services chaired by Councilors Maria Lourdes S. Gaane and Joyleen Mercedes L. Balaba few weeks ago, Dr. Jaime Leonen of the City Social Welfare and Development Department (CSWD) manifested the proposal of the Human Resources Management Office (HRMO) that the mental health office may be created as a division under the City Health Office.

It was also suggested that with the approval of CSWD, personnel of psychosocial division will be moved to the CHO, and the creation of the positio ns would be in staggered in three years.

Dr. Leonen said the HRMO also cited the possibility of having the proposed mental health office under the CSWD.

It was also proposed that the Psychosocial Division of CSWD man the mental health live program via social media and refer to partner offices such as CHO, J.R. Borja General Hospital, and barangays, as needed.

Dr. Fe Bongcas of the City Health Office proposed that the CHO and CSWD be merged, with the CHO focusing on the treatment, while the identification of patients will be from the CSWD.

Councilors Jocelyn Rodriguez and Suzette Magtajas-Daba reiterated their support for the enactment of the proposed ordinance and pushed for the creation of the mental health office or division because of the rising cases of suicide, especially among youth.


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