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PCL-10 board meets, tackles policies on utilization of funds, other concerns

THE Philippine Councilors League-Region 10 headed by its chairman, Councilor George S. Goking, during its board meeting last week adopted a resolution requesting Congress to review and consider amendments to RA 8291 (GSIS Law) and related laws on retirement packages in the public sector.

The PCL-10 resolution seeks to allow voluntary contribution for elected officials who have served one, two or three terms in office to complete the minimum fifteen years of premium contribution to the GSIS as well as the lowering of the optional retirement age for government workers.

During the meeting, the Department of Interior Local Government (DILG) officials also discussed about development planning in relation to executive functions, explaining how projects are determined and the process that planning has to pass through.

The attendees were also briefed on the utilization of local funds. The DILG emphasized that guidelines issued by the Bureau of Local Government Finance must be observed by the sanggunian in crafting appropriation ordinances.


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