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Goking wants moratorium on payment of bills during state of calamity

COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chairman of the City Council committee on trade & commerce, said he will file an ordinance imposing a moratorium on the payment of obligations during a state of calamity in a city.

This was after the Northern Mindanao Task Force for Covid-19 adopted a resolution requesting business establishments for a moratorium on the payment of utilities, telecommunications, rentals, and loan amortizations.

Councilor Goking said he understands that both businessmen and the consuming public are suffering at this time.

“We need to understand the situation especially in the payment of obligations such as electricity, water, rentals, and internet bills, motorcycle loans and bank loans. If possible, no more additional charges and penalties as we consider the situation,” he cited.

Goking said he believes businessmen will also understand. He said they can have cost-cutting measures in their operations so that everybody will survive.

“We need to work hand in hand to fight this pandemic and to restore our economy. We are fighting for an unseen enemy so cooperation is all we need,” he stressed.


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