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Goking thanks NTC for election preparations

CITY COUNCILOR George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committee on trade and commerce, said he is thankful to the National Telecommunications Commission (NTC) for its preparations for the upcoming Halalan 2022.

The Gavel learned That the NTC is all set with its Emergency Response On Telecommunications Services.

Network audit for the 24/7 availability of service crew, assignment of network engineers and network operations of Globe telecom, Smart and Dito Telecommunity has been readied. The NTC has also assured of 24/7 monitoring, with its Emergency Response Team on standby for whatever communication problems that may arise, The Gavel learned.

Councilor Goking said there is a need to ensure connectivity and reliability of telecommunication services during the national elections.

He is urging network providers and telecom operators to be prepared and ready with their services.


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