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Goking: Everybody can do business in CdeO

Councilor George S. Goking, chair of the City Council committees on trade and commerce and on ways and means, pointed out that everybody is welcome to do business in Cagayan de Oro.

The councilor made the statement during the City Council regular session Monday presided over by the City Vice Mayor Jocelyn “Bebot” B. Rodriguez, as the local legislative body discussed Proposed Ordinance No. 2023-118.

It authorizes the issuance of a single Business Permit to existing adjoining rentable spaces (1-meter x 1-meter) located at the second floor of Cogon Public Market, which have been separately leased to awardees belonging to the same family as reflected in the inventory of Latag/Spaces submitted by the City Economic Enterprises and Business Development Administration (CEEBDA). Councilor Bernie Esparcia suggested that City residents should be given priority in renting market spaces.

Goking said it is not necessary, adding everybody is welcome to do business in the city, residents and non-residents, as long as they comply with the business requirements.

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