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Dads approves MOU with CU

Through an ordinance, the 20th City Council on its regular session Monday presided over by Vice Mayor Jocelyn B. Rodriguez, authorized City Mayor Rolando A. Uy to enter into and sign the Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with Capitol University (CU) covering the conduct of collaborative research studies on the appropriate poverty alleviation program in the city.

Under the MOU, both parties agreed that its respective Personal Information Controller (PIC) and Personal Information Processor (PIP) has secured the consent of the data subjects prior to the collection and processing of the personal information and sensitive personal information (Personal Data) after due notice of PIC’s/PIP’s identity, purpose, categories, correction to object, portability, etc., other information sufficient to notify the data subject of the nature and extent of data sharing and the manner of processing.

For its part, the CU (through the Business Development and Management Program) will conduct the study accordingly based on the agreed objectives, methodology and timeline.

It shall also coordinate with the concerned government officials/offices during the conduct of the study, supervise the implementation of research activities, submit and present results, findings, analysis, conclusion and recommendation of the study and provide a copy of the final project to the city government of Cagayan de Oro.

Meanwhile, the city shall assist the researchers in the gathering/collection of data and information from concerned government officials/offices as well as from stakeholders.

Furthermore, the city shall likewise take charge in organizing the community during field visits and focused group discussion (FGD) activities, provide transportation, protection from bad elements and guidance for the researchers in all field visits to the concerned communities, among others.

The legislation was reviewed and endorsed by the committee on laws and rules chaired by Councilor Ian Mark Q. Nacaya.

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