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Calizo cmte discuss issuance of TCT to violators of health protocol lawn –

THE City Council committee on public order and safety chaired by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo last week discussed the endorsement of the OVR Grievance Board for the enactment of an ordinance authorizing the RTA to issue traffic citation tickets (TCTs) to violators of City Ordinance No. 13946-2020 (Mandatory wearing of face mask and observance of social distancing), caught inside transportation vehicles or in pedestrian lanes.

According to a COCPO representative, the proposed legislation is not only favorable to them but will also serve as a remarkable assistance to them in implementing the law considering the rising numbers of violators in public transportation vehicles.

Calizo however said the public should first be educated to avoid any untoward eventualities in its implementation.

“We have to educate first the public. I think it should be included in the RTA program in tandem with the barangays and media. Just set a meeting with the Information and Education Division of RTA and we will attend to discuss the dissemination plans,” the councilor pointed out.

The City Legal Office expressed no objection as to the use of the TCT by RTA personnel.

“As per consultation with the prosecutor’s office, by its form, ok na gyud and TCT sa RTA, just write the violation for the health protocols in there. As it would incur additional cost, we don’t need to edit the face of the TCT, i-clarify lang that the violation was for the health protocols and submit a copy of the ticket to us for case filing,” the representative explained.

“Our recommendation is to have the ordinance passed in the City Council. To be included in the provision of the ordinance, iapil na sa TCT ang not only traffic violations but also violations of City Ordinance No. 13946-2020 pwede na sa TCT. We have to come up with an ordinance providing authority to the RTA with the use of the TCT instead of the OVR for the implementation of the COVID-19 health-related protocols,” Calizo manifested. (SP/JAOclarit)


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