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Calizo cmte continues discussions on deputization of tanods

THE City Council committee on roads and traffic management chaired by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo yesterday continued discussions on the resolution of Barangay Canitoan requesting the City Council of Cagayan de Oro City to deputize the Canitoan

Barangay Council and its Tanods to implement Ordinance No. 10551-2207, “An Ordinance Providing for the Traffic Code of the City of Cagayan de Oro, Amending Pertinent Provisions of the Codified Ordinance of the City of Cagayan de Oro.”

It may be recalled during its first meeting the Roads and Traffic Administration (RTA) was tasked to re-visit the Barangay Tanod Incentive Ordinance specifically the provisions which could be the basis for deputizing barangay officials and tanods to apprehend, and impound vehicles of erring motorists.

RTA Asst. Dept. Head Engr. Nonito A. Oclairt said the ordinance was drafted on the assumption the barangay tanods were already deputized and included in the sharing scheme of administrative fines collected from violators.

He further said that there is an existing ordinance authorizing the RTA to deputize the barangay tanods but only for the anti-jaywalking law.

In line with this, the RTA recommended the drafting of an ordinance to provide immediate solution not only for Barangay Canitoan but also for other barangays having the same problem in their respective jurisdictions.

While considering the ordinance as a good reference, the councilor recommended its expansion to include the authority of barangay tanods to apprehend violators and impound the subject motorbikes installed with illegal mufflers, among others.

Calizo further pointed out the provisions on the sharing scheme may not be necessarily included in the new ordinance stressing that it’s not a good motivation for the barangay tanods.

A qualifying clause or paragraph may also be introduced which will provide the check and balance in such a manner they would not abuse the authority afforded to them, he said.

“The best motivation (for the barangay tanods) is the complaints itself. Maapektuhan man gud ang publiko, sa communities because of the loud sounds produced by these illegal mufflers and other after-effects of using said equipment,” the councilor explained.

The committee will meet again as soon as the City Legal Office submits its opinion on the matter.


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