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Calizo bats stiffer penalties against bora-bora

“WE have to re-craft the provision of Ordinance 10551-2007 as an amendment to the existing Traffic Code of the city, so that we will provide a heavier penalty against the operators and riders of bora-bora or vehicles with modified mufflers.”

This was pointed out by Councilor Romeo V. Calizo during the regular session Monday in reaction to the special report of Councilor Jose Pepe S. Abbu, Jr. relative to his proposal for the stricter enforcement of laws against the operation of motorcycles with modified mufflers.

Calizo emphasized that this is in accordance with the provisions of the Muffler Act of 2016, as revised in 2020, which prohibit the modification of vehicle mufflers. 

Hon. Romeo V. Calizo during the 65th Regular Session

“… I’m contemplating that we will copy what other LGUs are doing just like Davao (City) for example. We will not only impound but (also) confiscate the bora-boras, so that they (will) not do that again, and since most of these riders medyo naa gyuy kaya sa kinabuhi. If they’ll be impounded and pay P1000, dali raman nang isa kalibo (para nila),” Calizo strongly urged. 

Replying to the query of Vice Mayor Bebot Rodriguez on how to apprehend offenders, the councilor said that, as with any military operation, there is always a method to locate and identify erring motorcyclists using the intelligence fund.


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