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DPWH assures road project won’t affect Macahambus Cave

THE City Council committee on tourism chaired by Councilor Jay R. Pascual, during its meeting Tuesday, deliberated on the on-going road widening project of the Department of Public Works and Highways Regional Office No. 10 (DPWH-ROF 10) in Barangay Bayanga which is feared to endanger the historical and tourism well-being of Macahambus Cave due to the hollow ground beneath it.

Based on the project’s technical description, DPWH assured the city that there is nothing to worry since appropriate measures and precautions are being strictly followed and complied with by the contractors to protect and conserve the famous historical site.

As provided under Republic Act 10066 and Republic Act 9072, Macahambus Cave and its resources shall be conserved, protected and managed as part of the country’s natural wealth.

There shall be a proper coordination and exchange of information between government authorities and agencies, particularly on matters pertaining to its protection and conservation, The Power learned. (SP/JAO)

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