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Nacaya pushes for more reclamation projects in CdeO

COUNCILOR Ian Mark Nacaya on Monday proposed that the city government embarks on reclamation projects as part of the plan for Metro Cagayan de Oro.

In his special report during the regular session Monday presided over by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy, the councilor said, President Duterte has announced that Cagayan de Oro will be the next metropolis.

He said that while the city government is taking the matter seriously and working towards this goal, the city has been experiencing flooding due to water coming from the high areas. “This has made the city a swamp due to outburst of drainage systems, creeks and riverbanks, causing flooding,” Nacaya said.

According to the councilor, solutions have been proposed but flooding still occurs in Cagayan de Oro.

“We need to see beyond the concerns and problems besetting the city. We need also to see what might happen if for example there are tsunamis and waves coming from shore and bays in Northern Mindanao,” he cited.

The councilor said reclamation projects such as those in Luzon, Cebu and neighboring areas, will extend the city’s borders and protect its walls from water turbulence.

“If we have reclaimed properties in areas like Gusa, Lapasan, Bonbon, Bayabas, Bulua and according to the city mayor, why not raise the earth in Punta Bonbon, that we can also gather no less than 60 hectares,” Nacaya cited.

He stressed that the city should take the lead in looking into the matter.

The councilor said the committee on planning and development, which he chairs, will schedule a meeting to discuss the matter thoroughly.

Nacaya called on his colleagues and all Kagay-anons to chip in and help come up with plans to fast track the goal of the city to be a metropolis.

“So that we can already create and fast track Metro Cagayan de Oro with more reclaimed properties, not only for today but for the future,” he cited.

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