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Daba airs concern over procedures in grant of calamity assistance

COUNCILOR Reuben Daba, chair of the City Council committee on social services, on Monday expressed concern over the guidelines adopted by the city in granting aid to calamity victims.

In his special report during the regular session presided over by Vice Mayor Raineir Joaquin V. Uy, Councilor Daba said he received numerous complaints on the assistance given by the city to calamity victims of typhoon Vinta.

Daba said some of the lists of victims, which were provided by the barangays were reportedly misplaced. Some of those who were provided with relocation already have their own houses, Daba cited.

“Duna’y natagaan nga duna na’y relocation, ang ilang silingan wala unta’y balay, mao na noon ang natagaan,” he stressed.

Councilor Daba recalled that former President Benigno Aquino issued an order for a “No Build Zone”. However, Daba said some of the residents returned to their places even if they were already provided with relocation.

“Dapat computerize na gayud unta para sa atong CSWD ug CHUDD, para atong ma-profile ang mga natagaan ug wala pa. Naa sa ordinansa nga dili na sila mobalik sa ilang tagsatagsa ka mga lugar”, Daba opined.

For his part, Councilor Leon Gan said there were 800 to 1500 victims of flooding at Zone 2, Cugman last December. However, only 47 listed, he noted.

“We need to consider that, so we can provide assistance to all victims,” said Gan.

Vice Mayor Uy referred the special report of Councilor Daba to the committees on social services chaired by Councilor Daba and on finance, budget and appropriation chaired by Councilor Edna Dahino for further discussion. (JBD)

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